Welcome to the ArtGeni777 blog spot. Compiled of ancestors past experiences. This first post is a poem about my mothers passing of Covid 19. It was a raw, true, and honest experience. My posts to come will also tell the raw experiences of my ancestors.

When the covid reaper came

It crept into our lives one day.

Like a slow-moving snake in the grass

It slithered around us.

Missing me, missing my brothers,

Touching my sister…

And then silently wrapping itself

Around my mother.

When the covid reaper came.

Five of us, trapped in an ICU room

Gowned and Gloved

and Masked and Shielded.

We watched our mother

As she slowly suffocated to death.

When the covid reaper came.

I wanted to run!

I wanted out!

Like a trapped animal I paced.

I wanted to scream!

When the covid reaper came.

As it savagely, coiled itself

Tighter and tighter,

Whispering, enchanting, choking

We soon realized

There was no hope…

When the covid reaper came.

So, we said goodbye to the mother

That brought us into this world.

The one we loved and laughed

And cried with…our whole lives.

When the covid reaper came.

The morning after is the worst.

You wake up and for 2 seconds

Everything is normal.

Then like a swift kick in the gut

It hits you

And you remember…

When the covid reaper came.

You bury, you mourn

You cry…

But you never forget

When the covid reaper came.