This is the story of my maternal great grandmother

Roseanna Coulombe Jolicoeur. Roseanna gave birth to

11 babies in her lifetime. Including one set of twins. Born

French Canadian. Married: Lewiston Maine to Adelard Jolicoeur

in the early1900’s. The twins as well as two other

Babies Prudence and Norman, died in infancy. Her remaining

Seven children grew to adulthood. She lived through her oldest

daughter being burned when her dress caught on fire at a

neighborhood Bonfire. The doctor telling her one evening that he

was not going to change the bandages because her daughter would

not live through the night. Neighbors and friends would have to

help hold Roseanna’s 9 year old child down to change the bandages

as she screamed in pain but she lived. That child was my great

grandmother Jeannette. Later, Roseanna would die having her 11th child.

Pacing around the kitchen table one morning, 9 months pregnant, Roseanna’s

oldest daughter Jeannette age 22 is told to go to work. Roseanna waits

for a cab to take her to the hospital. This is the last time her daughter

Jeannette would see her mother alive. Roseanna hemorrhage’s giving birth.

The doctor brings in his medical students. Her husband is sent out of the room,

much to his dismay. He is furious when Roseanna dies having their last son.

Distraught, Adelard blames the doctor and the fact that he brings his medical

Students into the room when Roseanna is dying. Adelard falls heavily into alcohol. With

six children at home and one brand new baby Adelard was not able to cope well.

The baby is adopted by Roseanna’s sister Alice Coulombe Rybicki and her husband Bill.

They raise the child, naming him Joseph William. Affectionately called “Willie”, he was

adored by his adoptive parents. His adoptive parents making sure that Willie was able

to grow up around and know his siblings. All seven of Roseanna and Adelard’s

surviving children grew to adulthood and raised families of their own.