Discription of Assignment

This powerpoint connects to standard four because it demonstrates the unit of study of active engagement, active learning, and connection in a way that contributes to the student learning correct forms of writing. Throughout this unit students will learn to write informative/explanatory texts as a way to examine a topic and convey ideas clearly. Students will learn to write introductions, organize information, research, revise, and use key text features to enhance clarity for reader comprehension.  Furthermore, this unit prepares students to connect ideas within categories of information, use transitional language, and develop conclusions. 

Students will be able to: 

  1. Organize information.
  1. Incorporate connections, facts and Ideas into their writing.
  1. Review, imagine perspective and research.
  1. Self assess, craft articles, and draw on all they know as they finish up their projects.


I connected standard four to this unit of study because I think that when students write in a collaborative way it is very enriching and I do agree that positive social interaction is key to active engagement and self motivation. When students feel comfortable, encouraged and inspired they are more likely to have a positive outlook about a subject.

The instructions in this presentation are stepping stones to help bring the students into a crafted and positive writing experience. Helping them to organize, connect facts and ideas, research, review and self assess. It outlines how the teacher will work with learners to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, encouraging positive social interaction, active engagement, and self motivation.

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