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Letter to a Principal

Dear Principal (Name)

I am writing to inquire about field work at your school. Currently, I am a Bachelor of Arts student at the University of New England working toward graduating December 2023 with a degree in Art Education certified K-12. As an aspiring Art teacher, I am passionate about motivating the next generation of artistic creators. I utilize interdisciplinary strategies that include components of science, social studies, and writing. It is always a pleasure and a privilege to work creatively with young art students.

I foster creativity through observation, curiosity, technology, visualization, and tactile learning. My goal is to open up students’ worlds to the beauty and creativity of art making that leads them to find joy and confidence in their art work. I encourage an admiration for many different art forms and styles (as well as the history of art) in a respectful, responsible, safe, and kind setting, which will serve to enrich the lives of all students who enter the art classroom. I believe as Pablo Picasso believed: Every Child is an Artist.

Fieldwork with an established Art teacher at your school would allow me to learn from a professional in the field that I aspire to enter. I would like to observe classroom differentiation, curriculum, discipline style, assessment, technology and artistic techniques in action. Fieldwork at your school would grant me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge, skills and experience as a future Art Educator. Thank you for your consideration.

Please also find my resume attached for your convenience.


Vickie Collins-Libby



EDU 387 Artifact 1

Discription of Assignment

This powerpoint connects to standard four because it demonstrates the unit of study of active engagement, active learning, and connection in a way that contributes to the student learning correct forms of writing. Throughout this unit students will learn to write informative/explanatory texts as a way to examine a topic and convey ideas clearly. Students will learn to write introductions, organize information, research, revise, and use key text features to enhance clarity for reader comprehension.  Furthermore, this unit prepares students to connect ideas within categories of information, use transitional language, and develop conclusions. 

Students will be able to: 

  1. Organize information.
  1. Incorporate connections, facts and Ideas into their writing.
  1. Review, imagine perspective and research.
  1. Self assess, craft articles, and draw on all they know as they finish up their projects.


I connected standard four to this unit of study because I think that when students write in a collaborative way it is very enriching and I do agree that positive social interaction is key to active engagement and self motivation. When students feel comfortable, encouraged and inspired they are more likely to have a positive outlook about a subject.

The instructions in this presentation are stepping stones to help bring the students into a crafted and positive writing experience. Helping them to organize, connect facts and ideas, research, review and self assess. It outlines how the teacher will work with learners to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, encouraging positive social interaction, active engagement, and self motivation.

Presentation Link


For this daily create, I came up with a snappy little reason for why these two men in the Library of Congress Picture were in this lab. I think I did ok with my silly interpretation. I picked up the word “comfort” and tried to think of a comforting food. Anything sweet came to mind, then I remembered learning about the bliss factor in my environmental science class and decided to add that into my wording. I also picked up on the military patch on one of the men’s arms. This was an easy and fun daily create.


DailyCreate 12

For this Daily Create I was limited on books at present, so I used my mothers bible and since she passed away a couple of months ago I figured since it gave her strength to carry on when she was on earth, I would put her religious things together and take a pic for this assignment, including her old bible. This pic is not showing the whole thing I took a picture of. I do not know why. But it is 11 p.m. the next to last week of the semester, there are lots of presentations, assignments, and projects due, and I am tired. So this is what I came up with and tweeted. I think the tweet shows the whole pic on the daily create site.


Blog 11

3421f700d2b12f75d04ae3e4db8cd11a.jpg (210×296)

This blog is about my ancestor Pvt. Daniel S. Davenport. A soldier in the war of 1812. Daniel is my 5th great grandfather on my paternal side. He is buried in the Dorchester Cemetery Boston Massachusetts Plot N35. His daughter (my 4th great grandmother) Sarah Davenport Ellis (wife of William Bardeen Ellis) is buried in the same Dorchester Cemetery DN/H280 as are many of my Davenport and Ellis ancestors and kin. Daniel also became the sexton of the Dorchester Cemetery and as the sexton attended 1135 funerals and dug over 734 graves including his own. This is scribed into his gravestone. There is a hand written bill to one David Clap from Daniel Davenport. With Daniel charging $3.00 for digging the grave of one said David Clap’s wife, and for the horse and hearse, tolling the bell, and attending the funeral. The date was Aug 11, 1835. Daniel married Sally Spur. They had 13 children. Which tells me why I have so many kin buried in that cemetery. Sally was the daughter of Colonel & Captain John Spur Jr. a participant in the Boston Tea Party at age 25. John Spur Jr. is buried at Swan Point Cemtery Providence Rhode Island with his wife Sarah West Spur (daughter of Capt. Thomas & Sarah West).



Blog #10

My Parents: Bruce Collins & Marie King approx 1960

This blog is about my father who died in July of 2018. Bruce B. Collins. He was a vietnam soldier. He did two tours in vietnam. A United States Coast Guard Boatswains Mate.

  • A boatswain’s mate (BM) is the most versatile member of the Coast Guard’s operational team, and a master of seamanship. BMs are capable of performing almost any task in connection with deck maintenance, small boat operations, navigation, and supervising all personnel assigned to a ship’s deck force or shore unit.

My father retired from the Coast Guard and settled down in a small town in Northern Maine on Moosehead Lake. Where he lived out his life after taking care of his parents for several years in Waltham Massachusetts until their passing.

I remember my father telling me a story of when his ship was out in the arctic one time, and a polar bear climbed up on deck. My father quickly used the giant fire hose to hose the polar bear off the deck. He was pretty proud of that and loved to tell the story.

He was a good boxer as his father had taught him to box when he was young after being bullied at school. Knowing how to box ended the bullying. Of course that was old school probably back in the 50’s.

After my fathers passing, I found many medals among his things. Some from his time in vietnam. He didnt talk about that experience much with me. Only to once say that he spied on the spies. That always sounded so intriguing to me, but I never got any more than that about it.

His funeral was a military funeral. The local American Legion of whom he had been a member for many years, shot their guns in a 21 gun solute. Two young Coast Guard soldiers had been assigned to stand at each end of the casket. When I arrived I started to walk over to them to thank them but my uncle (a former Marine) told me it was not allowed. When the bugle playing was over the two soldiers folded the flag that had been draped over my fathers beautiful casket. One soldier kneeled in front of me holding the flag and proceded to thank me for my fathers service in a long speech that honestly made my mind go numb. I said thank you twice in the wrong parts as he wasnt done yet. Then when he was done he handed the folded flag to me. It was very surreal. My father is now buried in the Greenville Junction Cemetery in Greenville Junction Maine.


Boatswain’s Mate – GoCoastGuard.com

Blog Post 2

This is the true heart-breaking story of my

great aunt “Little Alice”.

During WWII Little Alice was dating a U.S. Soldier.

He wrote her many letters

(that I now possess). He writes about how

they will get married and buy a little

house when the war is over. How they will

have children and how he loves her. Over and

over he writes this love for her in his letters.

Until one day he sends her a letter to tell her that

he is going to have “leave” from the Army for 2 days

and for her to meet him at his mother’s house on a

specific day at a specific time… What he must go

through during WWII to get a 2-day pass from the

war, is lost in time, because Alice does not show up…

In the next letter the soldier writes little Alice:

I waited for you, but you didn’t come. Why didn’t you


We will never know who the soldier marries,

or even if he survived the war, because what that

soldier did not know (the reason she did not show up)

was that Mary Alice Amada Jolicoeur age 21 was dying of

tuberculosis/T.B./Consumption in Tewksbury hospital,

Boston Massachusetts. July 21st 1944.

Blog Post 1

Welcome to the ArtGeni777 blog spot. Compiled of ancestors past experiences. This first post is a poem about my mothers passing of Covid 19. It was a raw, true, and honest experience. My posts to come will also tell the raw experiences of my ancestors.

When the covid reaper came

It crept into our lives one day.

Like a slow-moving snake in the grass

It slithered around us.

Missing me, missing my brothers,

Touching my sister…

And then silently wrapping itself

Around my mother.

When the covid reaper came.

Five of us, trapped in an ICU room

Gowned and Gloved

and Masked and Shielded.

We watched our mother

As she slowly suffocated to death.

When the covid reaper came.

I wanted to run!

I wanted out!

Like a trapped animal I paced.

I wanted to scream!

When the covid reaper came.

As it savagely, coiled itself

Tighter and tighter,

Whispering, enchanting, choking

We soon realized

There was no hope…

When the covid reaper came.

So, we said goodbye to the mother

That brought us into this world.

The one we loved and laughed

And cried with…our whole lives.

When the covid reaper came.

The morning after is the worst.

You wake up and for 2 seconds

Everything is normal.

Then like a swift kick in the gut

It hits you

And you remember…

When the covid reaper came.

You bury, you mourn

You cry…

But you never forget

When the covid reaper came.

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