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This is the story of my Filles du roi ancestors (translated from French to English as the Kings Daughters). Four young women who were chosen by King Louis XIV to take the voyage to Canada to find a husband and Marry. King Louis wanted to populate Canada so he chose between 700-800 young women to take the voyage, marry, and proceed to populate Canada. In some cases the women had only 2 weeks to choose a husband. Many entering Canada through Quebec City. One of my 9th maternal great grandmothers was Jeanne Marguerite Boucault. Who chose Louis Coulombe as her husband. At the age of 17 Jeanne voyaged by herself. She arrived pregnant. Delivering her first child that died in the 1st month of his life. Jeanne and Louis married and went on to have 12 children of their own. Sadly, Jeanne was found dead and frozen next to a pond on January 23, 1696 at the age of 45.

This Coulombe line was all male from 1641 until October 1895 when my great grandmother Roseanna Coulombe was born.

I would say my ancestors did their duty helping to populate Canada for King Louis as all four of my Filles du roi ancestors had many children.