Name: Vickie Collins-Libby

CMM 240 A – Spring ‘22

Date Due: 3/29/2022

QCQ for _Blackfishing on Instagram___________________________________________

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

Leveraging one’s feminine and/or racialized body is positioned as a viable path to social and economic success via influencing, encouraging young women to exercise their “erotic capital” on their “own terms”. In this way, young women become ideal neoliberal subjects for their ability to leverage their bodies, or “human capital”, for aesthetic and monetary value. Pg 4 Para 3

Comment (250-500 words).

Young women are prey to certain male perversion in this country (as well as other countries). I often wonder why it is never young women’s rights (of all colors) that are stood up for, picketed for, rioted for, stand on top of a mountain and yelled for! They are easy prey for adult males who phish for them like a crocodile hunting its next meal. Slithering sleekly through the proverbial waters of the internet, grinning from ear to ear. Taking advantage of the most vulnerable years of a young women’s life. Teenage years that are jam packed with so many changes in a young women’s mind and body. With a heart that longs to be set free from overwhelming rules and parents and school and new responsibilities. This, is when the crocodile strikes!

How does society change this awful gut-wrenching serial hunting? In a country that keeps prostitution legal in certain states? Are not these women also exploited? I have actually heard men say that women who work in brothels genuinely want to work there. My response to that is: that is the most asinine statement I have ever heard! Others say, some of those young women are working their way through college by working in a brothel because they make such good money. A man who genuinely believes that a young women’s heart desire is to work in a brothel doing sexual acts on sweaty, smelly, men who have no self-respect, is a man who has lost his sense of humanity period. That young woman, is someone’s daughter! That young women once had dreams and aspirations! That young women once felt like somebody! Before she was stripped away of her self-respect at some point in her lifetime. Someone did that to her. If you dig deep enough, you will find it.

An old neighbor of mine who was in her 80’s once shocked me by saying she thought it was good that there are brothels in Nevada because she thought it cut down on rapes (in my opinion any man who pays for sex IS raping. By putting monetary value on a woman, he is raping her body and her mind!). That was such a bizarre thing to say of my old neighbor and the scary part is, she is probably not the only women who thinks that. These are just different ways of saying the same thing that is in the quotation I picked today “erotic capital” and on their “own terms”. But it is NEVER their “own terms”. That is a phishing term. A predator term. Erotic capital is being made on the backs of our young women all over the world. Sadly, though nothing will ever stop it.


What bothers you the most about young women’s feminine and/or racialized exploitation?