This is the true heart-breaking story of my

great aunt “Little Alice”.

During WWII Little Alice was dating a U.S. Soldier.

He wrote her many letters

(that I now possess). He writes about how

they will get married and buy a little

house when the war is over. How they will

have children and how he loves her. Over and

over he writes this love for her in his letters.

Until one day he sends her a letter to tell her that

he is going to have “leave” from the Army for 2 days

and for her to meet him at his mother’s house on a

specific day at a specific time… What he must go

through during WWII to get a 2-day pass from the

war, is lost in time, because Alice does not show up…

In the next letter the soldier writes little Alice:

I waited for you, but you didn’t come. Why didn’t you


We will never know who the soldier marries,

or even if he survived the war, because what that

soldier did not know (the reason she did not show up)

was that Mary Alice Amada Jolicoeur age 21 was dying of

tuberculosis/T.B./Consumption in Tewksbury hospital,

Boston Massachusetts. July 21st 1944.