QCQ #3 CMM240 A

Name: Vickie Collins-Libby

CMM 240 A – Spring ‘22

Date Due: 2/8/22

QCQ #3 for Reinhold “Participation Power”

Quotation (with page number or parag number or time stamp if video/audio)

Your voice connects who you are with what you care about-and the other people who care about the same things. Pg 123 Parag 3, together with- It could be an engaged community of interest-others who share your profession, avocation, or obsession. Pg 123 Parag 1.

Comment (250-500 words)

Since the beginning of time, it has been important to feel connected. We can feel connected in many ways, with many different things. We can feel connected to a person, an animal, a pet, a genre, nature, a vocation, and many other things. I think in this day and age, people feel connected by sharing their thoughts, feelings and interests on social media. With the rise of anxiety and depression in this fast-paced world, social media has become an outlet for hundreds of thousands of people, no matter their age.

It is exciting, uplifting, and mind expanding to be engaged with like minded people. No one person has all the same likes. Being able to tap into our complexed interests with different groups can be eye opening, insightful, heartwarming, and engaging. Opening our minds is a powerful thing. It can be scary to share and to be included at first, but once past those initial feelings, one may find their niche.

Inclusion is an important thing in life. To be included in something that you are truly interested or obsessed with can be a powerful feeling. Many people have made a lot of money by just sharing their interests, hobbies, and vocation experience. This is a new and face paced world we live in. We either get on board or we live in the dark ages. Stimulating the mind and keeping it stimulated and happy with interests may even help in warding of diseases. Sharing also has a positive, feel-good effect on people. The digital age is upon us and it is easy to be all consumed by it. However, we must unplug and live as well, or there will be nothing to share.


What are your interests that you feel connected to?